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We have chosen to welcome pets in certain areas of our Guest House. Out of respect for the services we offer and to ensure that your stay, as well as those to come, proceeds under the best possible conditions, here are our guidelines for responsible conduct.

Upon Arrival:

  • Upon prior request from the owner before arrival, the guest must be able to present the following:

    • Proof of insurance,

    • Vaccination certificate for the pet,

    • Up-to-date rabies certificate.

Upon entry into the guest house, an inventory is conducted with the guest and the owner.
A deposit of 100 euros per pet is required. 

The presence of a pet is subject to a fee of 10 euros per pet.

During the Stay:

  • The pet will not be left alone in the cottage.

  • The pet must be kept on a leash, and its waste must be picked up immediately.

  • Pets are not allowed in rooms with carpets, as well as on beds and sofas.

  • The guest will not use the guest house duvets, blankets, sheets, or towels for the accommodation of their pet.

Before Departure:

Upon departure, the guest walks around the courtyard, the garden, and around the cottage, picking up their pet's waste. The guest leaves the cottage clean, paying special attention to the presence of pet hair to avoid leaving any traces for future occupants who may be allergic. The guest remains responsible for their pet and any disturbances caused. If unable to resolve them, the cottage owner may contact the organization through which the reservation was made, as well as the police.

Legal Reminder: The law of July 9, 1970, conditions the presence of pets on the condition that they cause no damage to the cottage or any disturbance to the occupants' enjoyment. The rental of the cottage can be terminated due to excessive barking or damage to the premises. In accordance with Article L211-12, attack dogs are not allowed. In all cases, muzzles are mandatory for dogs that may be dangerous.

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